Monitoring and Diagnosis of Water Quality

When :

from Monday 9 September, 2019
to Sunday 15 September, 2019

Type of event :

Consultative Meeting

Where :

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Training course ito strengthen the integrated management and sustainable use of water resources in the context of the South-South cooperation of Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP).
Objectives: Enable participants in the analysis of water data, aquatic communities and sediments and in preparing reports.

Key topics: Introduction to water quality; Water quality variables and water quality diagnostics objectives; Water quality standards, aquatic communities and sediments; Monitoring networks, Geographic Characterization and data generation; Data storage and exchange; Treatment and analysis of data; Mapping and dissemination of spatial information; Preparation reports and dissemination of information.

Methodology: The course is developed in a workload of 50h/class, distributed in 10 hours of distance learning and 40 hours in person.