Mobile Learning for the Masses? Realistic Expectations and Success Criteria

When :

from Wednesday 17 September, 2014
to Wednesday 17 September, 2014

Type of event :

Meeting by Member States or Institutions

Where :


UNESCO will be participating in a global online debate about mobile learning. David Atchoarena, Director for the Division for Policies and Lifelong Learning Systems, will be delivering a keynote presentation at the Education Fast Forward event. His presentation will cover the educational challenges we encounter today, the priority areas where mobile learning is making a difference, and the changing paradigm in education as well as the outstanding needs and questions.
Mobile learning has triggered again the discussions about the unfulfilled potential of technology in education. With quite different meanings according to contexts, mobile learning has recently emerged as a major opportunity to transform education, bring more learning opportunities at home or even to reach marginalized populations, be that from a geographical or social perspective. In short, one would think that mobile learning is here to stay. However, there is a need to take stock of where we are, particularly drawing on impact evaluation studies and research, throwing light on how to generate realistic expectations and what could be the criteria for successful implementation of mobile learning initiatives.

The keynote presentation will contribute to the global debate on mobile learning towards achieving the EFA goals. Experts from various countries will be joining the debate in the form of teleconference to discuss about the practical solutions and future directions of mobile learning.

Education Fast Forward (EFF) brings together leading global experts and change agents from the world of education to debate the topics that matter most. The forum addresses the key challenges facing governments, educators and employers both now and in the future, and aims to find practical resolutions.

The online debate is free: no need to register, just click to join.