Meeting on the Memory of the World

When :

from Wednesday 25 September, 2019
to Wednesday 25 September, 2019

Where :

Beirut, Lebanon

Contact :

George Awad,

UNESCO established the “Memory of the World” programme in 1992 to protect documentary heritage in various parts of the world.

A one-day meeting will be held at UNESCO Beirut premises with the aim to: 

1. Increase awareness of the existence of documentary heritage and its importance to nations and peoples;
2. Facilitate the preservation of documentary heritage through the most appropriate techniques available;
3. Access to the documentary heritage of all groups of society;
4. Alert participants that the preservation and circulation of documents of various types requires greater efforts, especially in the digital age, which offers mass dimensions of the rights to produce and circulate new documents;
5. Share examples of good practices and innovative projects from the region to implement UNESCO's Recommendation concerning the Preservation of, Access to, Documentary Heritage in the Digital Era