Meeting of the high-level panel of legal experts to develop a model legislative framework for the Anti-Doping Convention

When :

from Monday 20 May, 2019
to Wednesday 22 May, 2019

Type of event :

Category 5-Advisory Committee

Where :

UNESCO Headquarters, Room XVI, 1, rue Miollis, 75015, Paris, France

Contact :

The high-level panel, composed of twelve experts, will meet at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris from 20 to 22 May /
As a follow-up to Resolution 6CP/15 of the sixth session of the Conference of Parties to the International Convention against Doping in Sport (COP6), the Bureau of COP6 decided to establish a high-level panel of legal experts, comprising two members for each UNESCO electoral group, to elaborate a draft model legislative framework. br /br /The work of the panel will continue out-of-session in order to finalize the draft legislative framework that will be circulated for the endorsement of the Bureau and subsequently for the approval of the seventh session of the Conference of Parties (UNESCO Headquarters, 29-31 October 2019).br /