Meeting on educational assessment for policy and programme design

When :

from Monday 8 September, 2014
to Saturday 13 September, 2014

Type of event :

Category 7-Seminar and Workshop

Where :

Spanish Cooperation Training Centre, Montevideo, Uruguay, 25 de Mayo 520, 11000, Montevideo, Uruguay

Contact :

Contributing to capacity building for participants by providing information and knowledge in the field of education assessment, to promote its usage in policy-level and practical education decision making, taking as a reference the theoretical frameworks and tools used for TERCE (Third Regional Comparative and Explanatory Study )- the results of which will be available in December 2014.

The meeting will provide an analytical framework and tools to assess education policies and programmes, and will encourage countries to use information from TERCE in education policy improvement and planning oriented toward improving education quality in Latin America.