Media Development & Internet Governance Symposium

When :

from Monday 12 November, 2018
to Monday 12 November, 2018

Type of event :

Category 8-Symposium

Where :

UNESCO Bonvin Building, Room XVI, Paris, France

Contact :

Xianhong Hu (Email:

On Monday, 12 November 2018, UNESCO and the leading members of the Media Development and Internet Governance Working Group (CIMA, GFMD, ARTICLE 19 and IMS) will convene an internal gathering of media development stakeholders attending the 2018 edition of the Internet Governance Forum. This symposium will take place at UNESCO Headquarters (Room XVI, Bonvin Building), in Paris, France.
The focus of the event will be 1) to discuss recent developments in Internet governance that impact media development; 2) to develop concrete mechanisms for collaborative strategies across organizations, with the goal of increasing stakeholder impact in Internet governance process (such that they promote independent and pluralistic media ecosystems); and 3) to discuss plans for the overall engagement/advocacy by the different organizations present at the IGF. The discussion will be framed by the primary Internet governance processes and issues outlined in the Working Group’s Issue Paper on Media Development and Internet Governance, launched in 2018. Attendees will include journalism support and media development implementers, researchers, donor organizations, and advocacy and human rights organizations, who will come to the event with proposals on how to foster collaboration on the identified processes/issues.