Making Bioethics Everyone’s Business - 20 Years of UNESCO’s Commitment to Bioethics

When :

from Thursday 14 November, 2013
to Thursday 14 November, 2013

Type of event :

Специальное мероприятие

Where :

UNESCO Headquarters, Open UNESCO, 7, Place de Fontenoy, 75007, Paris, France

Contact :

Dafna Feinholz,, tel. +33 1 45 68 49 94

During a one hour mini-conference to be held on the stand “Human Rights” of the exhibition “Open UNESCO”, the UNESCO team in charge of bioethics will introduce participants of UNESCO’s 37th General Conference to the work achieved by the Organization in this field since the creation of its Bioethics programme in 1993.

This mini-conference will thus be the occasion to share with a maximum of Delegates attending the General conference, the initiatives taken and the results obtained by the Organization, since 20 years. UNESCO's objective is to make bioethics everyone’s business, on the one hand within the framework of its function of laboratory of ideas, and on the other in terms of its normative action and capacity building activities.

The aim of this exchange is also to debate on UNESCO's role in the field of bioethics for the years to come, by reinforcing cooperation with Member States, in order to better support them in the development of bioethics, both with regards to institutional initiatives aiming to create or develop national infrastructures in charge of bioethics, and initiatives sensitizing local populations to ethical issues raised by scientific progress.

Information and concrete examples on activities developed by UNESCO throughout the world will be shared with the participants, such as the education programs in bioethics developed for health care personnel, journalists and judges; contents of the trainings implemented for ethics teachers; or support given to many countries for the establishment of national bioethics committees and research ethics committees.