Maâk Quintet @ Place Sainte Croix

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from Sunday 30 April, 2017
to Monday 1 May, 2017

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© Alexandre Causin

Mâäk (formerly known as Mâäk's Spirit) - one of Belgium's oldest and most active avant-gardist jazz collective which now presents on this occasion a quintet that brings original songs collected during their travels in West Africa. Privileging sonic quality and intimacy with the audience, Mâäk chooses to play acoustically. The quintet presents original compositions influenced by its diverse artistic encounters. This collaboration with musicians from totally different cultures, gives the music a new dimension. Aside the improvisatory nature of jazz, you can sense African origins in their music too. This group never slips into a routine and renews itself constantly. Everything is centered around vitality, dynamism and musical freedom but in a clearly defined framework. The music is sophisticated, fascinating, magnetic, sensual. The musicians always look for new sonic, rhythmic and harmonic possibilities, and show us that jazz can be synonymous for freedom, progress, discovery and adventure!

Where is their performance taking place? Place Sainte-Croix, 1050 Ixelles

This event is FREE!

In partnership with Flagey, met-x & UNESCO