Lost Worlds Deeper into the Sea A special event on Underwater Cultural Heritage

When :

from Thursday 20 June, 2019
to Thursday 20 June, 2019

Type of event :

Film projection

Where :

Room I UNESCO HQ, Room I, Paris, France

Contact :


With the participation of the renowned archeologistsbr /Jon Adams and Kalin Dimitrovbr /The screening of the film br /Lost Worlds Deeper into the Sea will be followed by br /an exchange with the audiencebr /br /
The event features a captivating film on the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project, which discovered more than 60 sunken ships in an incredible state of preservation, ranging from a trading vessel from 400 B.C. that plied the waves in the days of Plato and Sophocles, to a 17th-century raiding fleet of the Cossacks. The leading archaeologists in the team will be present and answer questions regarding their discoveries.br /Documentary film, 60 minutes, original version in English, subtitled in Bulgarian.