Live Dance performances : Presenting Indonesian Heritage to the World

When :

from Thursday 19 September, 2019
to Thursday 19 September, 2019

Type of event :


Where :

UNESCO Headquarters, 7, place de Fontenoy, 75007, Paris, France

Contact :

Permanent delegation of the Republic of Indonesia to UNESCO 1 rue Miollis 75732 Paris CEDEX 15 Tel. +33 (1) 45 68 29 72

Indonesia is a rich and diverse country, in nature as in culture. The diversities have their universal values (gotong royong : mutual cooperation, tepo seliro : tolerance, religious harmony, hospitality) are shared with the world as a contribution to humanity.
Thus, the Permanent Delegation of the Republic of Indonesia proudly presents: “Presenting Indonesian Heritage to the World”. The event will be held on Thursday, 9 September 2019 at UNESCO House, Room I with the program as follows :

1. Srimpi Sangupati by Pantcha Indra (Paris, France)
A classic Javanese dance with a Gamelan orchestra
2. Bagurau and Rantak by Gastarana (West Sumatra, Indonesia)
Dances from the Matriarchal society of Minangkabau, in western Sumatra
3. Manuk Belage Gendang Beleg by Puspa Gita Pertiwi (Berlin, Germany)
A dramatic duet of drum dance and music performance from the Sasak people in Lombok
4. Jaipongan Maung Lugay and Pencak Silat demonstration by Kontingen Budaya dan Pencak Silat Jawa Barat (West Java, Indonesia)
Popular dance of the Sundanese people and a demonstration of Indonesian martial arts
5. Narasimha and Télèk by Puspawarna (Paris, France)
An original instrumental piece of Balinese Gamelan followed by a sacred Balinese masked dance