Lithuania in the Mail Parcel - Exhibition

When :

from Monday 30 September, 2013
to Friday 4 October, 2013

Type of event :


Where :

UNESCO Headquarters - Siège de l'UNESCO, Salle des Actes, 7, place de Fontenoy, 75007, Paris, France

Contact :, 01 45 68 33 20

The exhibition presents 10 mail containers that portray Lithuania’s natural and cultural heritage.
The exhibition is created on the principle of a traveling room of curiosities or oddities. Curiosity rooms, often called the Wunderkammer, have emerged in Europe during the Renaissance and became the prototypes of contemporary museums. The items reflecting the diversity and complexity of the world were stored inside the rooms: natural objects (naturalia) and exclusive works of human craft (artificialia or mirabilia). Cutting-edge technology in the contemporary exhibition is combined with the details that encourage people to live through the joy of recognition, raise nostalgia, and invite to take a closer look into the exhibition. Selected items are inscribed in the international lists or inventories under the separate programs and conventions of UNESCO.