Launch of the manual “Legacies of Slavery” in Costa Rica

When :

from Monday 5 August, 2019
to Tuesday 6 August, 2019

Type of event :

Special Event

Where :

Ascensión Esquivel School, Cartago, Costa Rica

Contact :

Esther Kuisch-laroche,

The publication entitled "Legacies of Slavery: A Resource Book for Managers of Sites and Itineraries of Memory" will be launched by UNESCO and the Chair of Studies of Africa and the Caribbean of the University of Costa Rica (UCR), with support of the Ministry of Public Education, at the Ascensión Esquivel School in Cartago, on 5 August 2019. The high-level event, which will be attended by the authorities on Afrodescendant and Education Policies of Costa Rica, will be held in commemoration of the Day of La Puebla de Los Pardos, and in the context of the first forum celebrating "Puebla de los Pardos, first Afro-Descendant Memory Site in Costa Rica".

The national day of "La Puebla de los Pardos" in the City of Cartago, has been declared a national holiday on 3 August. On this day, educational and cultural events commemorate the place as a place of memory of the Afrodescendant presence.

The Forum will bring together actors active in the areas of political, educational, academic and international cooperation. It will extend the celebration of "La Puebla de los Pardos" to a profound dialogue on the visibility and enhancement of the culture, history and heritage of Afro-descendants in research and general education curricula, in order to promote better knowledge and recognition of the history of Africa, slavery, and the contributions of Afro-descendants in Costa Rica and Central America.