Launch of “Agree to Differ”, a UNESCO-Tudor publication

When :

from Monday 18 May, 2015
to Monday 18 May, 2015

Type of event :

Meeting by Member States or Institutions

Where :

Third World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue, Baku, Azerbaijan

Contact :

Ann-Belinda Preis,

Agree to Differ is a UNESCO-Tudor Rose joint publication on the International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures (2013-2022). This book includes articles of over 50 researchers and contributors, all committed to the rapprochement of cultures through intercultural dialogue and enhanced mutual understanding and with view to achieving social cohesion and peace. This initiative intends to strengthen international dialogue among scholars and experts, as recommended at the start of International Decade. The publication will be officially launched during the 3rd International Forum on Intercultural Dialogue in Baku, Azerbaijan, on 18 May 2015.

'Agree to differ' presents an overview of research and related activities which aim at the rapprochement of peoples and cultures. The authors analyze current challenges of social exclusion, extremism and intolerance. They discuss issues related to cultural and religious diversity, inter and intra-religious dialogue, citizenship, democratic governance, the importance of sharing knowledge and the power of local actors in peacebuilding (youth, women, etc.).

Through these different contributions and testemonies, 'Agree to Differ' is a fresh assessment of the contemporary world with some of its significant contradictions, but also solutions for the future. Following the initiative of Tudor Rose on the occasion of the International Decade of the Rapprochement of Cultures, this publication establishes a picture of experiences at the international, regional, national and local levels, which call for rapprochement of cultures and mutual understanding. Hence, 'Agree to Differ' brings elements of reflection that will feed into the work of UNESCO in the field of intercultural dialogue.

Moreover, this publication contributes to the construction of a framework of common values that foster social cohesion. By mobilizing the work of experts from around the world, 'Agree to Differ’ builds on the principles of exchange, sharing and dialogue, which are at the core of the International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures. In this manner, it contributes to a wider dissemination of these principles – and also tools of intercultural dialogue – amongst UNESCO Member States and other relevant stakeholders.