Kick-off Workshop: Curriculum Development in Yemen

When :

from Monday 15 April, 2019
to Thursday 18 April, 2019

Type of event :

Category 7-Seminar and Workshop

Where :

UNESCO Office Beirut, City Sportive Av., Beirut, Lebanon

Contact :

Dakmara Georgescu

UNESCO (HQ and Beirut) is providing support to Yemen in analyzing its needs and identifying priority actions that constitute the current axes of the country’s emerging longer-term education strategy (e.g. “Transitional Plan Preparation”). The draft Plan addresses the immediate and longer-term needs in order to allow its education system to reach the SDG4 targets.

The workshop aims at providing a solid basis for future curriculum processes in Yemen based on enhancing the capacities of core staff (curriculum core group) of the Yemeni Ministry of Education.

Its specific objectives are as follows:

- Stock taking of current developments and needs of the Yemeni K-12 system with regard to improving learning opportunities based on reviewing their curriculum and learning materials in the light of Education Agenda 2030;

- Updating the MoE’s curriculum core group grasp of current developments and trends with regard to enhancing the quality of learning and curricula for K-12 students in accordance with promising research, theory and practice in the Arab Region and internationally.

- Drawing a preliminary work plan that will lead to the development of a Yemeni Curriculum Framework/Curriculum Policy Brief as a basis for thorough curriculum review in the country informed by the new education/curriculum vision the Framework will set forward.