International Workshop for Regional Cooperation in Seismology and Earthquake Engineering in South and Central Asia

When :

from Monday 16 September, 2013
to Thursday 19 September, 2013

Type of event :

Category 7-Seminar and Workshop

Where :

Kathmandu, Nepal

UNESCO is co-organizing this workshop which is hosted by the Department of Mines and Geology (DMG) of the Government of Nepal in collaboration with the National Society for Earthquake Technology (NSET) and co-sponsored by UNESCO and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).
More than 70 scientists, engineers and earthquake risk reduction experts from more than 15 countries will attend this workshop. The main agenda item of the workshop will be to overview the earthquake hazards in the South and Central Asia Regions with an emphasis on strong motion seismology and to discuss possible cooperative modalities in addressing earthquake risks. During the workshop, one day will be devoted to training in strong-motion seismology. This workshop will contribute to the understanding of the risks posed by earthquakes in the Asia region and the participants have the opportunity to contribute to the health and safety of millions of people in the region.