International Literacy Day: Literacy in a digital world

When :

from Friday 8 September, 2017
to Friday 8 September, 2017

Type of event :

Категория 8-Симпозиум

Where :

UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France

Contact :

International Literacy Day is celebrated worldwide, and brings together governments, multi- and bilateral organizations, NGOs, private sectors, communities, teachers, learners and experts in the field.

This year, the international global conference on the occasion of International Literacy Day will be titled: 'Literacy in a Digital World'. The global celebration will take place at UNESCO Headquarters on 8 September, the highlight of which will be the awarding of the UNESCO International Literacy Prizes.

Objectives of the International Conference:
- To deepen understandings of what kind of literacy skills people need to navigate in a digital world and what this means for literacy teaching and learning.
- To share and analyze promising practices with regard to policies, programmes, monitoring and evaluation as well as financing that advance literacy in a digital world.
- To explore how digital technologies can support progress towards the Sustainable Development Goal 4, especially Target 4.6 on youth and adult literacy.

International Literacy Day is a major annual event for literacy advocacy held on the 8 September since 1946. UNESCO organizes a global event with an International Literacy Prizes award ceremony, and celebrations are held around the world by Field Offices, Institutes, NGOs, teachers, learners and partners.