The International Forum on the Great Silk Roads

When :

from Monday 14 October, 2013
to Wednesday 16 October, 2013

Type of event :

Category 4- International Congress

Where :

Almaty Resort Centre (Kazakhstan), Almaty, Kazakhstan

Contact :

The Forum revisits the common cultural heritage of the Silk Roads, its potential for Intercultural Dialogue and explores new developments for the Silk Roads.
In the framework of the International Decade for Rapprochement of Cultures (2013-2022) Republic of Kazakhstan with collaboration of UNESCO organizes an International Forum on the “Great Silk Roads” from 14th to 16th October 2013 in the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan.
During this Forum panelists and experts from more than twenty countries alongside the historical Silk Roads and beyond, will consider issues related to the contribution of these historical roads in the context of globalization and the promotion of the intercultural dialogue in current context of globalisation through visiting common cultural heritage of these routes of dialogue and exchanges.