International Congress Pedagogy 2019: "Meeting for the Unity of Educators"

When :

from Monday 4 February, 2019
to Saturday 9 February, 2019

Type of event :

Meeting by Member States or Institutions

Where :

The Palace of Conventions in Havana, Avenida 148, entre 11 y 13. Reparto Cubanacan. Playa, 11300, Havana, Cuba

Contact :

MSc. Zósima López Ruiz

This new appointment calls, as always, to the unity of educators as a substantial element to further promote integration among our countries, exchange experiences, join forces and efforts for realizing the goals agreed at regional conferences as an example of partnership in our fight for a better world.

The event is organized by Ministry of Education of the Republic of Cuba under the auspices of regional and international organizations related to education.

The complexity of today's world, with its acute economic and social contradictions, the accelerated development of science and technology, the battle to eradicate illiteracy, as an initial step to achieve universal access to quality education without exclusions, they all constitute indispensable premises to consider in finding ways that promote sustainable development in our countries. In this effort , education must play a major role , which requires propose strategies and approaches integrators and humanists, as useful tools to better understand the world today , to the challenges faced by people in this century.

With these assumptions, we call on teachers, professors, educators, researchers and leaders in the region to participate in the Congress Pedagogy 2019. Its objective will be achieved as a broad exchange of experiences conducive to the achievement of quality education for all throughout life, through solidarian cooperation in civic education, respect for cultural diversity, national identity and the formation of generations of the highest human values universally accepted.