International Conference: Waterscapes as a Cultural Heritage

When :

from Thursday 14 May, 2015
to Friday 15 May, 2015

Type of event :

Рабочая группа / Совещание экспертов

Where :

Palazzo Zorzi, Venice, Italy

Contact :

Philippe Pypaert at

This Conference is an integral part of the set of activities UNESCO is developing for EXPO 2015, in particular to contribute to the “Venice to Expo 2015” initiative promoted and coordinated by the Venice Expo Comittee.

A first workshop “Memory, Identity, and Slow Tourism along the European Waterways” held in Venice and Battaglia Terme (Padua, Italy) in October 2012 was organized by UNESCO Venice Office, Civiltà dell’Acqua International Centre, and the River Navigation Museum of Battaglia Terme, in order to discuss a preliminary series of issues concerning the European Historic Canals and their related heritage as an opportunity to promote a “responsible” tourism.

This second conference will in particular highlight the crucial importance of waterscapes and historic canals as visible infrastructural networks constituting a significant part of European history.