International Conference on Lake Chad

When :

from Monday 26 February, 2018
to Thursday 1 March, 2018

Type of event :

Category 4- International Congress

Where :

Transcorp Hilton, Abuja, Abuja, Nigeria

Contact :

Simone Grego, Regional Advisor, Natural Sciences

The Federal Government of Nigeria and the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC), with the support of the United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), is organizing the International Conference on Lake Chad. The theme of the conference will be "Saving the Lake Chad to revitalize the Basin’s ecosystem for sustainable livelihood, security and development".

The main objective of the International Conference is to create global awareness on the socio-economic and environmental challenges arising from the shrinkage of the Lake Chad, which are causing threats and inducing insecurity. The overall objective is to develop a comprehensive programme for action to save the Lake from extinction.

The Sub-themes of the Conference are:
i. Restoration of Lake Chad: State of the art scientific knowledge and technical innovations;
ii. Lake Chad Water Transfer: prospects, challenges, and solutions;
iii. Social, environmental, cultural, and educational aspects in the current context;
iv. Security and regional cooperation aspects with a view to restoring peace in the Lake Chad basin;
v. Funding of approved options.

The specific objectives of the conference are as follows:
• To inform stakeholders, discuss and develop consensus on the different solutions to restore Lake Chad, including the Inter Basin Water Transfer (IBWT) Project from the Ubangi River to the Lake Chad;
• To bring together experts, political decision makers, donors, UN Specialized Agencies, scientific and technical experts, civil society, NGOs and researchers to exchange knowledge and share information on water resources development and management in a crisis environment for sustainable development in the Lake Chad Basin;
• To garner political and financial support, for the restoration option identified for of the Lake Chad.