International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Post-2015 Education

When :

from Saturday 23 May, 2015
to Tuesday 26 May, 2015

Type of event :

Category 4- International Congress

Where :

Qingdao, the People’s Republic of China, Qingdao, China

Contact :

To unleash potentials of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) in underpinning the achievement of post-2015 education goals and targets, policy makers need to understand ICT’s role in delivering equitable and quality lifelong learning opportunities, and the sector-wide strategies of integrating ICT in the post-2015 education agenda need to be informed by debates between education and ICT sectors. It is against this context, UNESCO, with the support from Wei Dong Group of the People’s Republic of China, is organizing the International Conference on ICT and Post-2015 Education.

The Conference seeks to create an interface between education and ICT sectors to between education and ICT sectors to debate on how ICT can be leveraged at scale to support the achievement of post-2015 education goals and targets. The outputs of the Conference will include a high-level Statement to provide Member States with policy recommendations on leveraging the power of ICT to address current educational challenges and to ensure equitable quality education and lifelong opportunities for all. Following up actions and relevant partnerships will be planned as well.

Participants will include at least 40 Ministers of Education from all regions, at least 10 ICT industry leaders, 20 to 30 speakers, 300 international participants and up to 200 Chinese participants.

Under the core theme of leveraging ICT to support the achievement of post-2015 education goals and targets, stock-taking debates, sharing of cutting-edge knowledge, and technology demonstration will be organized around the sub-themes as follows.

1. Debate on ICT and Post-2015 Education between Education and ICT leaders
2. Effective pedagogical use of ICT to ensure quality of learning
3. Scalable solutions to enhance lifelong learning outcomes
4. Opening up potentials of online content for knowledge creation
5. Benchmarking and monitoring the roles of ICT in post-2015 education

Exhibitions and associated seminars will be convened to demonstrate ICT innovation designed for education and best practices of leveraging ICT for equitable and quality education and lifelong learning for all.