"Intangible cultural heritage for integration and coexistence"

When :

from Monday 12 November, 2018
to Tuesday 13 November, 2018

Type of event :

Special Event

Where :

La Grande halle de la Villette, Paris, France

Contact :

Caroline Munier c.munier@unesco.org

In the context of the Paris Peace Forum, Ms Juliana Forero, Coordinator of Intangible Cultural Heritage Group of Ministry of Culture of Colombia, will present the Emergency International Assistance project ‘Intangible cultural heritage as a basis for resilience, reconciliation and construction of peace environments in Colombia’s post-agreement’, granted in June 2018 under UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund.
The project, under the thematic of ‘Peace and Security,’ was one of 120 projects selected for this first edition of the Forum. In an innovative approach, the project aims to contribute to the reintegration of former combatants into civil life and restore the social link with the host community through safeguarding living heritage, as a tool for dialogue, reconciliation and identity rebuilding in this territory scarred by the armed conflict.
The 14-month project, which started in July 2018, is carried out in Pondores, in the North of Colombia, more precisely in the camps foreseen for FARC former combatants (Territorial Spaces for Training and Reincorporation –TSTR).
For UNESCO, the project will help understand how intangible cultural heritage can be used to enhance peacebuilding, dialogue and social reconstruction in a post-conflict context. It will also contribute to the 2003 Convention Governing bodies’ reflection on this matter with the view to adopt a methodological approach for its implementation in crisis situations.