Innovation and ports in the context of Blue Economy: future perspectives and possible scenarios.

When :

from Monday 10 December, 2018
to Tuesday 11 December, 2018

Type of event :

Special Event

Where :

Venice, Italy

Contact :

Francesca Santoro

During the event, the potential role of Porto Marghera within the Blue Economy will be examined through presentations of representatives of the Venice administration, the Technical Committee of the centenary of Porto Marghera, innovative startups, researchers and experts from the EU maritime and policy sectors.

The presentations will focus on the development of employment and growth and on the interaction between economy, innovation and science.

In this perspective, the increased knowledge about the sea and its systems, an efficient exchange of data & information and the design of innovative solutions for sustainable development, may lead to a synergic improvement in occupation, enhancing the state of the environment and of the society as a whole.

In the afternoon, with the guidance of Dr. Rocco Scolozzi, the participants will actively partake into an "exercise on the future", in order to foresee possible future scenarios for Porto Marghera, as well as general possible future of the blue economy.