Information Brief on World Water Development Report 2019 to the Member States of the United Nations.

When :

from Friday 15 February, 2019
to Friday 15 February, 2019

Type of event :

Category 8-Symposium

Where :

New York, United States of America

Contact :

Natalia Uribe Pando

The event, organized by UNESCO WWAP and UN-Water, will brief the Members States to the United Nations on the 2019 World Water Day campaign and on the World Water Development Report 2019, both on the theme "Leaving No One Behind".

The United Nations World Water Development Report (WWDR), is the UN-Water flagship report on water. It is a comprehensive review that gives an overall picture of the state, use and management of the world’s freshwater resources and aims to provide decision-makers with tools to formulate and implement sustainable water policies.

The 2019 World Water Development Report "Leaving No One Behind" reinforces the commitments made by the UN Member States in adopting the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and in recognizing the human rights to safe drinking water and sanitation, both of which are essential for eradicating poverty and for building prosperous, peaceful societies.

Permanent Missions in New York play a key role in the realization of the purposes and principles of the United Nations. The event, organised by UNESCO WWAP and UN-Water, will brief the Permanent Missions on the 2019 World Water Day campaign and World Water Development Report on the theme "Leaving No One Behind", encouraging them to engage in the campaign, disseminate the Report's main findings and implement its recommendations.