Identification and Prioritization of Capacity-Building Activities related to Natural Hazards

When :

from Monday 12 November, 2018
to Thursday 15 November, 2018

Type of event :

Working group/Expert Meeting

Where :

ISESCO headquarters, Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco, Rabat, Morocco

Contact :

This meeting will be an opportunity to exchange views, experiences and lessons and will aims to bring together disaster risk reduction experts from UNESCO and ISESCO Member States to set capacity-building priorities with a sectorial perspective. Outcomes of the event on Member States needs and requirements would serve as a working tool for the planning and implementation of capacity building activities.

During the meeting, the participants will present their countries’ respective experiences, especially in terms of efforts made in DRR and disaster risk management, transfer of knowledge and the use of new technologies for DRR. Discussions will serve as a basis for the identification and the development of the capacity-building programme. International experts will share their experiences in the field of DRR to refine the work of national experts. This meeting will be an opportunity for future collaboration between the different stakeholders involved in DRR, more specifically between the international organizations and financial institutions for the implementation of the programme which will be set up.