Global Futures Literacy Design Forum

When :

from Monday 16 December, 2019
to Tuesday 17 December, 2019

Type of event :

Category 7-Seminar and Workshop

Where :

UNESCO Headquarters, 7, place de Fontenoy, 75007, Paris, France

Contact :

UNESCO Futures Literacy Team,

Championing its role as a global laboratory of ideas, UNESCO will host the first Global Futures Literacy Design Forum at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris (Room III, IV and VII), on 16 December 2019. The Forum will bring the general public together with leading Futures Literacy practitioners, designers, facilitators, teachers and researchers.

The Forum has two primary objectives. One is to prepare the ground for a UNESCO Ministerial Summit on Futures Literacy in late 2020 by showcasing and refining a range of already proven techniques for integrating Futures Literacy into government activities. Two is to build awareness and networking related to the development and diffusion of Futures Literacy.

Participants in the Forum will be invited to engage in active learning-by-doing. This will not be a conventional one-to-many broadcast event with speakers from a podium. The laboratories that will be designed and curated by senior experts from the Global Futures Literacy Network will use collective-intelligence methods to explore the nature and practice of Futures Literacy as a capability. Get ready to work and play. The Forum will close with a living-theatre celebration of humanity’s capacity to imagine the future.

The event will take place at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, on December 16, 2019.

Futures Literacy (FL) is a capability: the capacity to use-the-future for different reasons, using different methods, in different contexts.

The Global Futures Literacy Design Forum and The Ministerial Summit on Futures Literacy are being built on the foundation of UNESCO’s success at establishing a Global Futures Literacy Network. This network is composed of 11 UNESCO Chairs and a wide-range of communities of practice that are actively advancing Futures Literacy around the world.

Why “Global Futures Literacy Design Forum”? The term 'design' is in the title because the focus of the Forum is on presenting and refining a set of practical tools for governments, enterprises and communities interested in integrating Futures Literacy into what they do.

In order to achieve the goal of sharing and refining designs for such tools, UNESCO is inviting expert practitioners to curate special laboratory type experiences. Leading members of the Global Futures Literacy Network are working together to co-create these labs that will showcase and refine a range of different tools for exploring and building Futures Literacy. At the Forum participants will be able to experience and test different approaches to integrating Futures Literacy into the work of many communities, with an emphasis on the public sector.

The labs all use a range of specific collective intelligence techniques, with different durations and outcomes, that invite people to engage in learning-by-doing. Or, what is often called, user-driven design. In the context of the event, they will cover a number of critical themes: Governance; Ethics; Evaluation and assessment; Identity and culture; Narrative and discourse.

The Forum is being designed as a learning voyage, not a passive one-to-many broadcast type event. Experiential, performative, aesthetic, and creative activities aim to invite participants to encounter their own reasons and methods for imagining the future.

The curated sessions will be an opportunity to deploy collective intelligence and learning-by-doing from a wide range of different perspectives. Towards the end the different strands will start to be drawn together: initially in a plenary session where members of the UNESCO and Futures Literacy communities will share their perceptions; and then in a celebration of humanity’s capacity to imagine the future - a living-theatre celebration that expresses the richness of being alive in a complex emergent universe.