Expert Meeting on “Transforming the Future: Anticipation in the 21st Century”

When :

from Thursday 13 April, 2017
to Friday 14 April, 2017

Type of event :

Category 6-Expert Committee

Where :

UNESCO, Miollis Building, Room XV, 7, place de Fontenoy, 75007, Paris, France

Contact :

Riel Miller,

This technical experts meeting will review the innovative Futures Literacy initiatives implemented throughout the world, as presented in the forthcoming book “Transforming the Future: Anticipation in the 21st Century”.

Experts will discuss: What is Futures Literacy? What is the Discipline of Anticipation? What are Futures Literacy Laboratories and how do these activities support UNESCO’s leadership in helping the social and human sciences contribute to humanity’s efforts to achieve sustainability, inclusion and peace?

The first day will focus on the status of “Transforming the Future: Anticipation in the 21st Century” and will include: overview of the publication and the main proof-of-concept hypotheses;
2.a detailed account of the key terms being used in the book, specifically: Future Studies, Futures Literacy, Discipline of Anticipation, Anticipatory Systems and Processes, Anticipatory Assumptions, Collective Intelligence Knowledge Creation Processes, and Future Literacy Laboratories;
3.the case studies as evidence of the proof-of-concept hypotheses.

Participants will also be encouraged to attend and participate in the public event, the announcement of “Transforming the Future: Anticipation in the 21st Century”.

The second day will commence with an open session that will start by collecting the key issues participants would like to discuss further as a group. Participants will be asked to think about this in advance and send in proposals for one or two items, taking into account the "in-press” version of the book that will be provided prior to this meeting.

The second session of the day will allow participants to contribute to the field of futures literacy study by refining its terminology.

In the final session of the day, participants will be invited to submit proposals for a research agenda and ultimately shape the way that the future is used around the world.