Expert Emergency Meeting for the Safeguarding of Iraq's Cultural Heritage

When :

from Thursday 17 July, 2014
to Thursday 17 July, 2014

Type of event :

Консультативное совещание

Where :

UNESCO Headquarters, Room VII, Paris, France

Contact :

Experts from Iraq and the international community are meeting in UNESCO HQ in Paris to set up an emergency response action plan to help save and protect cultural heritage in Iraq.
Iraq, known as the cradle of civilization, has been undergoing a massive crisis since the onset of the latest conflict in June 2014. In addition to the deteriorating humanitarian crisis, concerns about the safeguarding of Iraq’s cultural heritage have greatly increased, especially in light of reports on threats issued by armed groups to destroy shrines, graves and other objects that are relevant to cultural values and identity. UNESCO is organizing this experts meeting in Paris where participants will assess the present situation of Iraq’s cultural heritage, highlight the main challenges in ensuring its safeguarding, and set up an emergency response action plan to address those challenges and mitigate the negative impact of the present conflict.

NB: Access to the meeting restricted to participants