Exhibition | Erró - Saga of American Comics 1973-1999

When :

from Wednesday 30 April, 2014
to Wednesday 28 May, 2014

Type of event :


Where :

UNESCO Headquarters / Siège de l'UNESCO, Hall Segur, 125, avenue de Suffren, 75007, Paris, France

Contact :

paris@mfa.is, 01 44 17 32 85

Erró opens the first of a series of exhibitions entitled "living artists in the patrimonial collection of Unesco's works of art".
The exhibition is built around his painting Thor's Saga, donated to UNESCO by the Government of Iceland in 2007, which is displayed in the foyer of Room I in UNESCO. This retrospective, "Saga of American comics 1973-1999", shows a collection of Erró's work inspired by American comic books in the true pop art way, which Erró, in the words of Arthur C. Danto, adopted with the enthousiasm of the converted and to which he brought the sensitivity of someone who has bathed in European art. If Pop Art showed Erró how to create art from the mundane, Erró showed how to make altar pieces with Pop art.