Event organized by the Slovenian National Commission in support of UNESCO´s 70th Anniversary

When :

from Saturday 26 September, 2015
to Saturday 26 September, 2015

Type of event :

Специальное мероприятие

Where :

Castle Podsreda, Slovenia

The Slovenian National Commission has organized its central event in support of UNESCO´s 70th Anniversary. The event took place at Castle Podsreda on Saturday 26 September 2015, in the heart of one of Slovenia´s Biosphere Reserves under UNESCO´s MAB Programme, named Kozjanski park (http://kozjanski-park.si/).


More than 100 participants gathered this Saturday morning in this medieval place in a very natural surrounding. Our event started with opening addresses, among them also by the President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia (Slovenian Parliament) and the Minister of Education, Science and Sport, responsible for UNESCO. The key note address on UNESCO´s value in modern time was given by the President of the National Commission for UNESCO.


During two “World Café” rounds, participants were given the opportunity as to exchange their opinions and reflections on important topics: (1) “UNESCO´s World Heritage Today” – the round table was moderated by the Director of the Ljubljansko barje Park (Prehistoric Pile Dwellings Around the Alps – UNESCO World Heritage Site) and (2) “Rapprochement of Cultures – Intercultural Dialogue” – moderated by the Chairman of the Slovenian African Society (national from Mali) and a representative from the Islamic community in Slovenia.


After a relaxing excursion through the parks of the MAB Biosphere Reserve Kozjanski park, the participants gathered once more in a final plenary discussion as to wrap up the results from the World Café.


Beside of the main event, the Slovenian UNESCO Youth Network organized the so called Slovenian UNESCO Youth Summit. Around 50 young people from all over Slovenia came together (from ASP Schools and university students) and discussed actual UNESCO issues that matter for youngsters. The Youth Summit took place also in Podsreda Castle. Young coordinators from the Youth Summit took the chance as to present the “Slovenian Youth Initiative” that was adopted by the Youth Summit at the final plenary discussion with all other participants of the main event.


Altogether, young and “old”, closed up this wonderful day at Podsreda Castle listening to the Slovenian UNESCO Performance “JAZ SEM TI – I AM YOU”, a great performance with music from all over the globe, presented by young Slovenian and international musicians in cooperation with “Glasbena mladina Slovenije” (Music Youth Slovenia). The performance was moderated by two of our young UNESCO Heralds.



Video: PART 1; PART 2