Essalam, Orchestra of classical Andalusian-Maghrebian music and Kosmos, three opera lights

When :

from Saturday 24 November, 2012
to Saturday 24 November, 2012

Type of event :


Where :

UNESCO, 75007, Paris, France

A two parts show organized to close the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the CEDIMES - ​​Centre for Studies on International Development and Economic and Social Movements.
From November 20 to 23, roundtables, conferences and symposia will be met at the Museum of Science and Industry, the CNRS and the UNESCO House.

Cultural evening program:
- Songs and classical Andalusian-Maghrebian music by Essalam, Algerian group;
- Kosmos, an opera based on the story of humanity from the Big Bang to the present days, written by Sylvie Negro-Leroy, music by François Kos.