Engineering in Action for Youth and young women - Hands-on Experiments in Engineering

When :

from Tuesday 29 October, 2013
to Thursday 31 October, 2013

Type of event :

Специальное мероприятие

Where :

UNESCO Headquarters, Foyer Room I, 7, place de Fontenoy, 75007, Paris, France

Contact :

Rovani Sigamoney,, SC/UEI, Cell phone: 0621376551

This session will be organized in partnership with EWB UK, the World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO) Youth Committee and SAWomeEng. This workshop will be open to young women, but also young men, who would be able to participate in fun, hands-on engineering activities that will involve group work as well as building models and scenarios that influence our life and choices of today. The workshop will involve activities like building a bridge, discussing fracking and solving a problem currently faced as well as other hands-on tasks.
There will also be open discussion on the involvement and role that youth and young women play in the future of Science and Engineering and how could we get more youth interested in careers in Science and Engineering. There will be a part dedicated to the EPCA film “Science: Where can it take you” where participants will watch the film and comment.

The importance of technical skills for engineering cannot be argued, but often, softer skills such as presentation and pitching ideas and new concepts are often neglected, but an important part of the skills sets of engineers. A session on personal development and creating an elevator pitch for new ideas will be hosted to complement the technical nature of the workshop.