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Second International Conference on Water, Megacities and Global Change

Youth engagement

Please visit the Youth Steering Committee website to know more about youth activities during the conference

In-line with the UNESCO’s Operational Strategy on Youth (2014-2021), the conference organizers are committed to engage with youth networks (students, young professionals, members of NGOs, young scientists, etc.) not just as beneficiaries but also as knowledge holders and innovators. To this end, the creation of an EauMega 2022 Youth Steering Committee in charge of organizing youth activities and engagement was proposed.

Objectives of the committee

  • Provide  technical and operational ideas and solution to integrate the youth perspective into the debate of the conference
  • Propose and organize youth-led activities
  • Draft a youth declaration including presenting solutions concerning megacities, water and global change
  • Play an important role in the preparatory phase of the conference

Presentation of the committee

The EauMega Youth Steering Committee (YSC) brings together youth representatives from all six regions recognized by UNESCO for matters concerning youth for the EauMega Conference. It consists of a group of 14 members from diverse professional and academic backgrounds related to water management and that are allied with water networks across the globe. Their objective is to propose, organize, coordinate and implement various activities and events during the EauMega Conference that are specifically envisioned to propitiate and ensure youth engagement and to work on the Youth Declaration based on the experience of Water Networks focused on young people and that from the YSC members. They work for the YSC on a voluntary basis and give inputs from their knowledge and experience, while also trying to find mentors and connect with stakeholders from the water sector worldwide. 


  • Youth Perspectives session
  • Meeting of the minds
  • Youth Innovation Challenge, co-organized with Xylem
  • Youth Declaration

Please visit the Youth Steering Committee website to know more about these activities.


Consult Terms of Reference of the Youth Steering Committee