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Second International Conference on Water, Megacities and Global Change

Topics covered

The Second International Conference "Water, Megacities and Global Change" will illustrate how the research community and the operational world benefit through collaboration. In addition to experts and scientists, it will include civil society representatives and elected officials to highlight the importance of the sound policy-making.

The Call for papers is now closed.


Overview of thematic areas

The conference will address two main thematic areas: challenges and solutions.

The first thematic axis will analyze the determinant issues to be addressed to maintain and strengthen the often precarious balance of these mega urban systems, especially in the context of the accelerating global change:
  • Risk reduction.
  • The continuity of services, addressing disruption, intermittent access and crisis situations.
  • Understanding the necessary technical and social conditions to ensure resilient resources and systems.
  • Taking into account land issues such as densification, gentrification, urban sprawl and transition areas between the heart of megacities and external territories.
  • Maintaining "the ethics of nature".
  • Governance arrangements in megacities.
  • Holistic water management.
  • The Sustainable Development Goals as a tool for measuring the adaptation of water services to global change.
The second axis will address the types of solutions (means, methods, tools) that can be implemented to support water management in megacities:
  • Planning tools to anticipate urbanization or regulate informal settlements; Water-Energy-Waste Nexus.
  • Innovative governance initiatives (technical, institutional or social).
  • Technical and technological devices, which extend over a continuum from "classic" civil engineering works (large, relatively irreversible developments...) to new management technologies with the smart city label or nature-based solutions that can address challenges at the megacities scale.
  • The "new water cultures".
  • Strengthening sustainable solidarity, through mechanisms of cooperation, partnership, governance and development.
  • Financing at the appropriate scale: for urban areas and water basins.


contributions to the first call for papers

During the call opening time, from 18 November 2019 to 7 March 2020, 434 abstracts have been received, including 1057 authors and co-authors, from the 5 continents.

The organizers of EauMega 2022 conference would like to thank all the 1057 participants of its Call for papers. These numerous contributions testify to the major importance of the themes raised by the conference.

All authors have been informed by email in May 2020 of the Scientific Committee's decision on the acceptance of their proposal.