E-learning course on Management of Biosphere Reserves and other designated areas

When :

from Monday 25 March, 2013
to Monday 22 April, 2013

Type of event :

Category 7-Seminar and Workshop

Where :

Kifissia , Greece

Contact :

Philippe Pypaert at p.pypaert@unesco.org
The UNESCO resource book on which this course is based aims to build learners’ capacities on how to use the Biosphere Reserves and other designated areas in South-Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean region as learning and demonstration sites to apply holistic education for sustainable development programmes.<br /> <br />The e-course will provide a basic training to adult learners on applying the UNESCO resource book in practice, based on given scenarios and real life situations. It is built on one of the resource book’s 8 chapters, which is entitled “Management of MAB Biosphere Reserves and other designated areas”. <br /><br />Education for sustainable development is an innovative type of education that incorporates the economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainability, challenging the prevailing current economic development models that have led, on the one hand, to the global economic crisis and, on the other, to complex global and local environmental problems such as resources depletion, climate change, biodiversity loss, etc. Addressing such issues with the interdisciplinary, holistic and comprehensible approach of ESD is a key principle applied for the development of the current training material.