Dialogue among police and judicial officials on safety of journalists

When, local time: 
Wednesday, 12 February 2014 -
8:00am to 4:00pm
Nepal, Birjung
Type of Event: 
Category 7-Seminar and Workshop
Laxman Datt Pant (ld.pant@unesco.org)

The one-day event is organized to raise awareness among government, police and judicial officials to engage them in dialogue to advocate for justice and protection of free expression and for safety of journalists.
UNESCO Kathmandu Office is organizing this event along with Freedom Forum within the framework of the UNESCO/UNPFN project “Increasing the safety of journalists" (235NEP5001). The dialogue session will identify the roles of the stakeholders to promote freedom of expression and safety of journalists.

About 30 representatives including lawyers, police officials, judges, media rights activists, journalists and project stakeholders, will participate in this dialogue session which will be based upon pre-programme assessments (survey) among the participants about their understanding on issues concerning freedom of expression and safety of journalists.