Diálogos da Esperança, a preparatory activity for the Criança Esperança Show

When, local time: 
Friday, 7 July 2017 -
9:00am to 6:00pm
Brazil, São Paulo
Type of Event: 
Special Event
Rafael Cavalcante

Recording of two TV shows to prepare for the Criança Esperança Show 2017. One on Education and the other on Diversity.
On the day of the recording, a lounge will be set up for interaction between guests and the audience. Testimonials will be recorded to create stories for social media. Each TV show will last 45 minutes. They will be broadcast on Globonews TV Channel, 23 July 23 and 30 July. Both shows will start at 9:05 pm (Brasilia time).

Once a year, a live show is produced and broadcasted at prime time where artists and celebrities advocate for the programme. The show is structured around a central theme, such as Education, Human Rights, Cultural Diversity. The fundraising campaign lasts one month and, through thousands of TV spots, the public is invited to donate by phone directly to UNESCO. The show is the culminating event and the campaign as a whole receives large audience ratings. This makes Criança Esperança one of the most visible and recognized social programmes in Brazil.