Danube Conference 2014: Bridging the sciences – crossing borders

When :

from Monday 22 September, 2014
to Wednesday 24 September, 2014

Type of event :

Рабочая группа / Совещание экспертов

Where :

Deggendorf, Germany

Contact :

Philippe Pypaert at p.pypaert@unesco.org

The XXVI Conference of the Danubian Countries on Hydrological Forecasting and Hydrological Bases of Water Management is part of a series of biennial conferences being alternately held by countries of the Danube.

The aims of this XXVI Danube Conference are: to foster exchange of hydrological basic information; to improve and adopt new models and techniques for hydrological forecasting and parameters at several time and space scales; to deal with disasters in an appropriate manner; to better articulate the role of hydrological and biotic processes in aquatic systems; to link different fields of science; and, to promote cooperation of the Danube countries. Both methodological approaches as well as case studies from countries of the Danube are welcome.