Culture and Heritage in Danger: Education as a force for resilience

When, local time: 
Tuesday, 15 September 2015 -
3:00pm to 5:30pm
France, Paris
Type of Event: 
Специальное мероприятие
Diawara, Bandiougou

Items of humanity’s cultural heritage - works of art, ancient manuscripts, and places of historical importance have been vandalized in Tunisia, Iraq and Syria. This loss of such cultural treasures during times of crisis deprives communities of their memories, of documentary accounts of the past, but also of a precious source of social and economic well-being for the community.
More than ever, it is essential to protect these testimonies of the history and traditions of our culture and those of other populations, as they contribute to our global patrimony and sense of identity. How do we protect, preserve, and ensure the transmission of this heritage? In what way does education play a principal role? These questions are the focus of “Culture and Heritage in Danger: Education as a force for resilience”, an event conceived of as a space for the exchange of ideas.


In 2012 during the occupation of northern Mali by armed extremists, the incredible protection of Timbuktu’s ancient manuscripts from destruction would make headlines and become a symbol of hope for the entire world. This film tells of the extraordinary feat of the Malians who risked their lives to rescue the manuscripts from the threat of armed groups and recounts the story of these precious exiled texts.
2014, 52‘, original version in French | produced by Ladybirds Films and the Bibliothèque nationale de France (National Library of France)

ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION “CULTURE AND HERITAGE IN DANGER: EDUCATION AS A FORCE FOR RESILIENCE”, hosted by Meta Tshiteya Director and Producer of documentaries for radio station “France Culture”, with the presence of Director Jean Crépu.

• The holy sites and ancient manuscripts of Timbuktu today: the action plan led by UNESCO for their safeguarding and for the restoration of the damaged cultural patrimony in northern Mali since 2012.
By LAZARE ELOUNDOU, Chief of the UNESCO office in Mali.

• Library “Knowledge” in Bamako, education in Mali and engaging students in the organization of learning support programs.
By AMINATA BORÉ, Malian student committed to the education for all. Aminata is also one of the actors in the film “On the Trail of Timbuktu’s Manuscripts”.

• Cultural Heritage in Syria and Iraq: Destruction and Reconstruction.
By VÉRONIQUE GRANDPIERRE, expert in Mesopotamian history and researcher with the Identities, Cultures, Territories (ICT) multidisciplinary laboratory at the Paris-Diderot University.

• The action of ADIFLOR, the Association for the international dissemination of French books, journals and publications.
By MARIE-FRANÇOISE ROY, Administrator of ADIFLOR and President of the Friends of Bassiata Association, which supports the schooling of 100 children in Niamey, Niger.

This event is jointly organized by UNESCO and Ladybirds Films, in partnership with: Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) | France 5 | TV5MONDE | Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) | Institut du monde arabe (IMA) | Société civile des auteurs multimédia (SCAM) | France culture