Citizenship, 21st century skills and inclusive pedagogies : Regional meeting on teachers

When :

from Thursday 21 June, 2018
to Friday 22 June, 2018

Type of event :

Category 7-Seminar and Workshop

Where :

Hotel Maksoud Plaza, Rua São Carlos do Pinhal, 424., São Paulo, Brazil

Contact :

The objective of the regional meeting is to support the process of making public policy decisions regarding teaching by generating technical inputs that will contain the mail guidelines and consensus of the meeting. This information will be made available to the participants of the Regional Meeting of Ministers of Education to be held 25-26 July 2018 in Cochabamba, /
One of the challenges posed in E2030 Agenda SDG4 is going beyond effective learning and basic skills and placing a strong emphasis on learning and its connection to content on citizenship and skills for the 21st /br /In this context, teachers must be prepared to go into greater depth on inclusion in education, with an emphasis on their contribution to overcoming social differences historically related to socio-economic, gender or ethnic inequalities as well as those related to being a migrant, a reality that is characteristic of the /br /Speakers at the Regional Technical Meeting: Teaching Policies in the E2030 Agenda will present the latest findings on initial teacher training, which were researched in the latest stages of development of the UNESCO Regional Strategy on Teachers. The main topics addressed in São Paulo will include a special reflection on evidence on initial teacher training on the subjects of citizenship, skills for the 21st century and /br /The meeting in São Paulo will be attended by experts and scholars from 15 countries in the region as well as UNESCO specialists, particularly from the secretariat of the Regional Strategy on Teachers of the Regional Bureau for Education in Latin America and the Caribbean (OREALC/UNESCO Santiago) and from the UNESCO Office in /