Changing oceans and seas around the world: Implications for mitigation and adaptation

When, local time: 
Wednesday, 9 November 2016 -
10:30am to 12:00pm
Morocco, Marrakech
Type of Event: 
Категория 8-Симпозиум

Recent assessments of ocean warming, acidification, deoxygenation and sea-level rise identified serious risks to marine ecosystems, fisheries, and coastal livelihoods and infrastructure. The Paris Agreement recognised the ocean and its ecosystems and the need to ensure their integrity and protect their biodiversity. A panel of international experts (involved in UN assessment reports, and national, EU, international and intergovernmental programmes) will provide an integrated and updated perspective on the climate related changes, risks and projections for both natural and human ocean systems and make mitigation and adaptation recommendations for future UNFCCC processes. It will highlight why the ocean provides further compelling arguments for rapid and rigorous CO2 emission reduction and why the implementation of the Paris Agreement must also minimize the impacts on the ocean. Panel presentations will be followed by open discussion with the audience.
Thematic focus: Oceans and climate: Mitigation and adaptation

Chair and speakers/panellists:
Vladimir Ryabinin, Executive Secretary IOC-UNESCO: Chair
Carol Turley OBE, PML: Why ocean change matters to society and the UNFCCC
Hans Pörtner, AWI, IPCC Co-Chair WGII: The ocean and future CO2 emissions pathways: vulnerability, risk and future IPCC assessments
Ulf Riebesell, GEOMAR, Coordinator BIOACID: Ocean acidification and the latest findings from Germany
Nayrah Shaltout, NIOF, Cairo: A north African perspective of ocean change
Libby Jewett, Director NOAA Ocean Acidification Program, Co-Chair GOA-ON: Development of African ocean acidification observing initiatives
Jay Manning, The OA Alliance: An International Collaborative to Combat Ocean Acidification
Dorothee Herr, IUCN : Coastal and marine nature-based solutions to adaptation and mitigation
Phillip Williamson, NERC and UEA: An ocean perspective on CO2 removal and global warming reduction methodology