Capacity-building training on enhancing school safety through ICT-community based facilities assessment

When :

from Tuesday 4 February, 2014
to Saturday 8 February, 2014

Type of event :

Category 7-Seminar and Workshop

Where :

San Salvador, El Salvador

The upcoming capacity training on enhancing school safety through ICT-community based facilities assessment will be held from 4 to 7 February 2014, at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of the University of El Salvador, in San Salvador. A school assessment tool (mobile application) and methodology (VISUS) have been developed by UNESCO in close cooperation with the University of Udine (Italy) and the University of El Salvador with the aim of empowering schools and their communities in the identification of the hazards and risks they are the most exposed to, their vulnerabilities and their capacity to manage them. This methodology and its mobile application also provide a tool to policy makers about where to prioritize their interventions and budgets.
The training, enclosed in the framework of the UNESCO entitle “Providing decision-making information and tools for enhancing school safety in El Salvador through school facilities assessment and OpenStreetMap sourcing’’, will consist of presenting key concepts of Disaster Risk Management and Disaster Risk Reduction, and will be followed by a technical presentation of the school assessment tool during site visits. The number of participants is expected to be around 60 people among them national authorities from the Ministry of Education (MINED), Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN), professors and students from the University of El Salvador, and schools’ personnel and representatives.

The training will be followed up by the 1st testing application of the methodology (in its pilot phase) to evaluate the safety of 100 schools over 10 days in the areas of San Salvador, la Libertad and la Paz.

The design and implementation of the project involves in one hand the cooperation with the Permanent Delegation of El Salvador and Governmental bodies of El Salvador, and in the other hand the cooperation of the Natural Science and the Communication and Information sectors of UNESCO. The pilot project will contribute to the programme of the Cross-cutting Thematic Unit on Disaster Risk Reduction (SC/DRR).