Biennale of Luanda - Pan-African Forum for the culture of peace

When :

from Wednesday 18 September, 2019
to Sunday 22 September, 2019

Type of event :

Category 4- International Congress

Where :

Luanda (Angola) : Talatona, Fortaleza et Marginal, Luanda, Angola, Angola

Contact :;

The Biennale is part of UNESCO’s operational strategy for Priority Africa (2014-2021) which aims to provide “African responses to the transformations that affect African economies and societies.”

The Biennale of Luanda will be based on three axes: Partners' Forum, Forum of Ideas/Youth Forum/Women's Forum, and a Festival of Cultures.

The first Edition of the Biennale will take place from 18-22 September 2019 in Luanda, Angola. It will bring together representatives of governments, civil society, the arts, sciences and international organizations, providing a platform for reflection and dissemination of artistic works, ideas and knowledge pertaining to promotion of the culture of peace in the continent.

More information on the Biennale of Luanda are available on the official webpage of the event: