Award Ceremony of the second winners of the Libreville TMG Centers

When, local time: 
Friday, 30 March 2018 -
9:00am to 4:00pm
Gabon, Libreville
Type of Event: 
Prize-giving ceremony

UNESCO, Airtel Gabon, in partnership with the Ministry of National Education, are organizing the award ceremony for the second winners of the TMG centers in Libreville.
The project Train my generation - Gabon 5000 is born of the ambition - to train at least 5000 of its young people in the fields of information and communication technologies (ICT) - of the Gabonese President ALI BONGO ONDIMBA at the 2013 New York Forum Africa in Libreville.

During this business meeting attended by Mrs. Irina BOKOVA, Director General of UNESCO and Mr. Christian DE FARIA, CEO of the AIRTEL Group - Africa, they expressed their commitment to accompany Gabon in the implementation of this vision.

The design of the project then starts in 2014 with Mr Alain GODONOU, at the time Director - Head of UNESCO Office in Libreville. On 16 October 2014 in Paris UNESCO, represented by its Director General, Mrs. Irina BOKOVA and AIRTEL represented by Mr. Olivier-Hervé NJANPOUM, Director General of AIRTEL Gabon, at the time, signed a fund agreement on deposit for a period of 3 years according to which UNESCO brings its expertise and Airtel financing.

The project meets a very specific need for Gabon, because its youth has a high failure rate in exam classes (Terminale and BEPC), mainly in scientific subjects (Maths, Physics, SVT ...) and other on the other hand, the low level of popularization of ICTs in educational settings in general. In addition, nearly 80% of school-going and out-of-school youth do not have computer skills. Gabon is a country where more than half of the population is young.

The developed program has 4 components:
• computer training;
• Academic support through distance learning (E-learning);
• Support to youth entrepreneurship;
• Business support through training grants in specialized fields.

For its implementation, it initially provided for the creation of 11 sites in the main cities of Gabon. 3 more were added in order to achieve the expected results at the end of the program. The creation of a center is done by setting up a technical training platform based on a park of at least 24 computers with the required programs and accessories. The centers must regularly deliver young people equipped with computer skills.

After several ceremonies throughout the territory, UNESCO, Airtel Gabon in partnership with the Ministry of National Education close the project with a second ceremony of presentation of the certificates of the second graduates of the centers TMG of Libreville.