Les Assises du Vivant 2015 - Biodiversity and Climate Change in Interaction: Creating new life possibilities

When :

from Monday 9 February, 2015
to Tuesday 10 February, 2015

Type of event :

Категория 8-Симпозиум

Where :

UNESCO headquarters, Room XI, 125 avenue de Suffren, 75007, Paris, France

Contact :

John Crowley (J.Crowley@unesco.org) and Meriem Bouamrane (M.Bouamrane@unesco.org)

LIVE WEBCAST - mms://stream.unesco.org/live/room_11_en.wmv

The 2015 Assises take forward dialogues during the 2012 and 2013 editions: frank and open discussions between actors and stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, committed to sharing and exchanging ideas, as well as determined to overcome obstacles and impossibilities, whether real or perceived.
The 2015 event will bring together scientists, civil society, responsible and engaged citizens, youth, entrepreneurs, artists ... who will discuss the links between biodiversity and climate change, in the run-up to the 21st Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, which will be held in Paris in December 2015. Alarming signals are currently being relayed by the scientific community and disseminated in a sometimes catastrophic manner. Is it nonetheless possible to keep hope and to act together to dream of other possibilities and to build them? Or are we condemned to impotence in face of disasters foretold? The Assises partners reject this impasse. We aim to show that the rigor of scientific facts does not stop us working together to mobilize our energies, creativity and commitment to take responsibility for our common destiny prevent. On the contrary, science can be a motivation. Mourning our illusions, while accepting facts and their implications, is a necessary first step. Further along, it is possible to overcome the feeling of helplessness, to overcome the impossibilities and to dream and create a possible and desirable future.

Around the world, a growing number of initiatives are showing that it is possible to cope with the rhythm of renewal of ecosystems, and that using biodiversity is not necessarily inconsistent with its conservation. Far from being isolated and anecdotal examples, actions and initiatives to foster social transformation mobilize millions of people and affect all sectors of the global economy. How can we learn from such action and such actor networks? How can we best mobilize and share their solutions with decision-makers and skeptics? The Assises are conceived as a dedicated space for such a dialogue to development. An exchange that goes beyond the days of meetings in Paris, as it aims to build a community of practice, sharing actions and positive visions for the construction of alternative ways of life.
We propose to study the interactions between biodiversity and climate change by focusing on three major themes:

• Rethinking conservation : towards « no regrets » strategies
• Developing ecological solidarity and environmental justice : “teaming up” with the rest of the living world
• Doing business differently : articulating performance and resilience

Each theme will involve cross-cutting perspectives from the available information and scientific findings, actions and solutions implemented at local and international levels followed by an interactive discussion on the present and possible futures.