The Art Miles Mural Project at UNESCO

When :

from Tuesday 6 May, 2014
to Monday 2 June, 2014

Type of event :


Where :

UNESCO Headquarters, 125 Avenue de Suffren, 75007, Paris, France

Contact :

Katérina Stenou, - Anne Turnacliff,

UNESCO's Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence is partnering with the United States Permanent Delegation and the Unites States-based NGO “The Art Miles Mural Project” to organize a three-part initiative at UNESCO in May 2014.

Art Miles is an educational and cultural project with the objective of bringing people together to create understanding and respect through the arts. The Art Miles has been facilitating and creating murals since 1997, when it brought 350 Bosnian orphans together to paint a mural on a bullet riddled bed sheet. To date, they have completed more than 4,000 1,50x3,65 meter murals on canvas with over a 1/2 million people from more than 125 countries. Art Miles is associated with the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non Violence Among Children of the World and the International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures (2013-2022).

The Art Miles Mural Project at UNESCO will include:

1. an exhibition of 11 Art Miles murals on UNESCO’s outer enclosure from May 6 through June 3, 2014.

2. a "virtual" exhibition of videos featuring a large selection of the thousands of murals painted by Art Miles to date and telling the story in pictures of some of the Art Miles painting events that have taken place around the world over the past 7 years.

In the Hall Ségur near the elevators, a plasma screen will show a multimedia presentation produced by Art Miles showcasing the project and 1,000 of the 4,000 murals created to date, along with a small panel display presenting the Art Miles project.

3. an Art Miles Painting Day with a group of Paris-area school children. On Thursday afternoon, May 15, Art Miles founder Joanne Tawfilis her team will coordinate the children in painting 10 murals outside Fontenoy on the Piazza. Before the painting activity our young guests will have a short briefing and tour to learn more about UNESCO's purpose and value.