Analysis and Management of Changing Risks for Natural Hazards

When :

from Tuesday 18 November, 2014
to Wednesday 19 November, 2014

Type of event :

Рабочая группа / Совещание экспертов

Where :

Padua, Italy

Contact :

Davide Poletto at

This international conference will provide an opportunity to discuss multi-hazard risks and multi-disciplinary research results on the effects of changing of hydro-meteorological risks and their effects on planning strategies.

The conference focus is put both 1) on technical sessions presenting the state of the art research in the understanding of the natural processes and in the development of innovative methodologies for quantitative hazard and risk forecasts, and 2) on the practical integration of natural, engineering, economical and human sciences within multi-scale methodologies for risk management and prevention planning.

The conference represents the culmination of the EC’s co-funded projects CHANGES (Changing Hydro-meteorological risks as Analysed by a New Generation of European Scientists), and IncREO (Increasing Resilience through Earth Observation) and will provide a forum for exchange of ideas related to effective risk management strategies. Case studies as well as conceptual approaches are most welcome.