60th Anniversary of Sudan being with UNESCO

When, local time: 
Sunday, 27 November 2016 -
10:00am to 2:00pm
Sudan, Khartoum

On 26/11/1956 the General Conference of UNESCO adopted the request of the Republic of Sudan to join the Organization. Long story of UNESCO-Sudan cooperation has started.


Provisional agenda

10-00-10.30am Registration

Opening session
- Welcome Note, Head of UNESCO Khartoum Office, Dr. Pavel Kroupkine
- Welcome Note, Secretary General of NATCOM Mr. Abdugadir Noureddin
- Welcome Note, Chair of NATCOM, Minister of Education, Dr. Souad Abdelrazig

1st session
11.00-11.15am UNESCO Khartoum strategic plan/country programm: Head of UNESCO Khartoum Office, Dr. Pavel Kroupkine 
11.15-11.30am UNESCO Achievement in Sudan and the future perspective: Secretary General of NATCOM Mr. Abdugadir Mohamed Hassan Noureddin
11.30-11.40am Education info-session, Dr. Aiman Badri, the Khartoum office of UNESCO
11.40-12.00pm Refreshment & Snacs

2nd session
12.00-12.10pm Science info-session, Dr. Altayeib Mustafa, UNESCO Expert in Science and Technology
12.10-12.20pm Film screening: World Heritage Site : Sanganeib natural site
12.20-12.30pm Culture info-session, Dr. Abdarahman Ali, Chairperson of Culture committee

3rd Session 
12.30-12.40pm Communication and information info-session, Dr. Izzeldeen Mohamed, Chair Person of CI Committee
12.40-01:00pm Social Science info-session, Dr. Hassan Mohammed Salih, Chairperson of Social Science Committee
01:00-01:20pm Bioethics UNESCO Chair, Dr. Mohamed Alsheik
Closing remarks
01:20-02:00pm Head of the Khartoum office, Dr. Pavel Kroupkine
Minister of Culture,Mr.Altayeib Hassan Badawi