5th High Level Meeting of Mayors for Inclusive Cities in Indonesia

When :

from Sunday 7 September, 2014
to Monday 8 September, 2014

Type of event :

Категория 8-Симпозиум

Where :

Ambon, Indonesia

Contact :

Charaf Ahmimed, c.ahmimed@unesco.org

The Municipality of Ambon and UNESCO will organize the Fifth High Level Meeting of Mayors for Inclusive Cities, in Ambon City, Indonesia, from 7 to 8 September 2014 (tentative dates). The workshop will gather around 100 participants from 37 municipalities around Indonesia and local representatives of Disabled People Organizations (DPOs). The meeting will focus on social inclusion and employment in Indonesia.

Local leaders, regional authorities, DPOs and others will be given an opportunity to share good practices on social inclusion of persons with disabilities in the area of employment.

This meeting is part of UNESCO’s efforts to support the establishment of a “Network of Inclusive Cities”: a coalition of municipalities from across Indonesia committed to creating more accessible environments enabling full participation of persons with disabilities. High Level Meetings were previously conducted in Jogjakarta (1-2 April 2013), Banda Aceh (1-2 July 2013), Banjarmasin (Kalimantan, 20-21 September 2013), and Denpasar (Bali, 20 February 2014).

The successful first High Level Meeting held in Jogjakarta in April 2013 triggered the interest of other municipalities in Indonesia like Metro, Banjarmasin, Denpasar and Ambon City who requested assistance from UNESCO to improve their policies regarding inclusion of persons with disabilities.

The second meeting in Banda Aceh in July 2013 resulted in the recognition of the importance of inclusive legislation and acknowledged the need to provide funds to implement the legislative measures and strengthen the role of municipalities and regions in budgeting for disability.

In September 2013, in Banjarmasin, the meeting was concluded with a commitment from various mayors to increase the budget for disability and improve general public perception of disability.

During the High Level Meeting in February 2014 in Denpasar, UNESCO and the Municipality of Denpasar also signed a partnership agreement for collaboration on raising awareness on people with disabilities, capacity building for civil servants and provision of expertise for the development of policies related to social inclusion. The event also started cooperation between the municipalities of Metro (Lampung) and Denpasar to strengthen the capacity of teachers for inclusive education.