2nd World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue

When :

from Wednesday 29 May, 2013
to Sunday 2 June, 2013

Type of event :

Meeting by Member States or Institutions

Where :

Heydar Aliyev Center, Heydar Aliyev Ave, Baku, Azerbaijan

Contact :

Organizing Committee, E-mails: info@bakuforum-icd.az; bakuforum2013@gmail.com /Tel: (+994 12) 493 1642; (+994 12) 493 1649
The programme of the Forum is articulated around the theme: “Living together peacefully in a diverse world” and includes a series of workshops, side-events and special sessions chaired by partner organizations. This will concern, among others, discussions on topics such as “Cultural corridors in Southeast Europe, Black Sea and Caucasus regions”, “Intercultural Dialogue through History Teaching: Best Practices and Challenges”, “Promoting intercultural dialogue between Muslim and Western world”, “Tourism as a key driver of mutual understanding and tolerance among peoples and cultures”, “Intercultural dialogue: Faith and Science”, but also special ceremonies such as “Do one thing for Diversity and Inclusion”, the “Intercultural Innovation Award ceremony for Central Asia, Black Sea and Mediterranean regions” and the “Living Together Peacefully in a Diverse World” Prize.<br /><br />The opening ceremony is planned on 30 May 2013, as well as the World Forum 1st Ministerial Meeting that will gather ministers and delegation of ministries in charge for culture and tourism around two special sessions on “How can culture and creativity build intercultural confidence?” and on “Common ground for intercultural dialogue: heritage and cultural tourism”. <br /><br />UNESCO’s participation in this Forum will be marked by the organization of a workshop on “Building intercultural competences for the 21st century” on 30 May 2013 from 04:30 to 06:00 p.m. Rooted in the Organization’s longstanding experience in promoting intercultural sensitivity and solidarity with a view to fighting intolerance, stereotyping, discrimination and violence through its fields of competence, it will gather some experts from different regions on this topic, with an aim to discussing general framework for addressing new global challenges and threats that are undermining humankind’s cohesion and to further validate generic guidelines and training tools to build intercultural competences conducive to harmonious coexistence. <br /><br />“Writing Peace” an exhibition for thinking and sharing peace across time and space elaborated within the UNESCO-Saudi Arabia "Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Programme for a Culture of Peace and Dialogue" will also be displayed during the 2nd Baku Forum.